Mrs. Roduner's Class

Newsletter - Aug 20-24

Welcome back!

Religion - Chapter 1 God's Gifts

               Mass on Tuesday and Friday

Reading - Our story for the week is "Help."  pages 10-31

               Vocabulary - actions, afraid, depend, nervously, peered, perfectly, rescue, and secret

               Phonics - Short a and i

               Plural Nouns - s and es


                 Strategy:  Visualize

                 Skill:  Key Details

                 Genre:  Fantasy

                 Fluency:  Expression

Spelling - Lesson 1 - Short a and i

               Test is Friday.

Grammar - Chapter 1 - The Sentence

                  Capital Letters and End Marks

Math - Chapter 1 - Addition

           Addition Properties

           Count on to Add

           Doubles and Near Doubles

           Make a Ten

           Add Three Numbers

Social Studies - Chapter 1 - My Community, My Country

                        We Are Good Citizens

Science - What questions do scientists ask?

                What kinds of skills do scientists use?


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